Organic raised bed garden in Santa Barbara, installed by Dave's Organic Gardening in SB.

Organic Gardening Services

Helping residents in Goleta, Santa Barbara and Carpinteria with beautiful organic landscaping.  Dave offer’s a wide variety of organic services to fit your garden, property and lifestyle. Have Dave assess your property and help you with any of the services below.


Compost Tea

Add freshly brewed Compost Tea to your landscape today! Compost tea is a great way to jump start your soil with the correct microbial life. Buy soaking high quality compost and adding ample oxygen, we can multiply beneficial fungi and bacteria to culture your soil with soil biology.

We also brew a worm casting tea is an organic fertilizer that can help increase the strength of plants through adding microorganisms that aid plant growth and plant health through the soil. Its a great way to reintroduce beneficial microbes, minerals and fungi to the soil. I can put this on your lawn, plants, citrus trees, creating a biofilm to protect your vegetation. Happy soil is the key to happy plants! Call today for your freshly brewed worm tea or compost tea.

organic kale grown in client's garden by Dave's organic gardening.

Organic Gardener Consultation

For only $75 I will go thru your garden, landscape, sprinklers and give you written recommendations to make your entire landscape more Eco-friendly, sustainable and organic. Schedule a consultation today! Call me for your consultation (805) 637-0404

Organic Gardening & Landscaping Maintenance

When you hire us, we recycle and reuse as much as we can and use the best organic products on the market! Our aim is to reuse 80% of your green waste, through mulching or composting. From recycling your grass clippings, to using organic fertilizers and organic approaches to pest problems and plant disease. We perform mowing for water conservation, trimming, hedging, weeding, leaf clean ups, and basic yard maintenance. I also will maintain your garden and compost bin on a regular basis. Our goal is to make your property beautiful while keeping the beach free of landscaping chemicals.


Organic oranges grown with organic landscaping methods in Santa Barbara, CA by Dave's Organic Gardening.

Install Delicious Edible Plants and Water Wise Sustainable Plants

We can install many varieties of edible plants that can feed your family and save you money at the grocery store. Also, we can install native and sustainable plants that decrease your water bill and carbon foot print. Be smart, grow your own food. Dave will help you become more sustainable today, though water wise garden design. We’re ready to help you install a rain garden, by capturing as much water run off as we can, seeping it back into the ground and into your plants.

Mulch & Compost Services

We can deliver and install mulch to your landscape to keep the weeds out and reduce water usage. We will add organic compost to your garden, beds and lawn for a healthier garden and landscape. Do your part to save water, be smart by halting your use of chemicals and hire an organic gardener today!

Compost made from organic garden client in Santa Barbara.

Beautiful Organic Landscape Projects & Sustainable Improvements

Specializing in building beautiful, peaceful gardens in your back yard. Create a paradise you have always dreamed about! From masonry work to grass and plant installations, sidewalks, patios, fireplaces and much much more. Have Dave help you create your dream landscape today, call me for a estimate (805) 637-0404

Rainwater Harvesting

Install a rainwater harvesting system today. Whether its use of a rain barrel, tank or underground system, we can help you install a rainwater harvesting system to your landscape. Save water, save money and become a smart homeowner today. We also install rain gardens in Santa Barbara, by capturing as much water runoff as we can, clients can expect a transformation from each rain. This creates a small wet weather pond that slowly seeps back into the soil, stimulating flowers and other bee attracting plants.


rain water harvesting in Santa Barbara, and rain garden installation by Dave's Organic Gardening.