Water Wise Carpinteria Organic Gardener

Dave’s Organic Gardening is ready to help you step up your garden game. We can help you have beautiful roses, tasty veggies and a green lawn without using lots of water or dangerous chemicals. By brewing compost tea, smart garden design with Permaculture techniques, we can cut your monthly water bill, and bring your garden back to life. We focus on the soil, culturing beneficial biology that holds onto every drop of water, symbiotically feeding your plants natural nutrients not out of a bottle. Grow your own food today, with the help of Dave’s Organic Gardening!

Dave's Organic Gardening is Permaculture Design Course Certified by Santa Barbara City College.

Santa Barbara City College's Green Gardener Program Certified.

Watershed Wise Landscaping Certified for gardening in Santa Barbara, CA.

Better Business Bureau accredited Dave's Organic Gardening in Santa Barbara, CA.


Watershed Wise Gardening in Carpinteria, CA


In Carpinteria, when it rains, we want to hold onto every ounce of water. Our small team will quickly help you redesign your garden to diversify your plants, save water and capture rain like it’s gold. You can rest assured any chemicals running into that storm drain did not come from your landscape.

Set an example and go green today with Dave’s Organic Gardening!

Yarrow grown in a Carpinteria Water wise garden.

Organic Kale grown in Carpinteria Veggie Garden.

Organic Vegetable Gardens Grown in Carpinteria


Reduce your footprint, grocery bill and water bill with Dave’s gardening help! Dave will redesign your garden to capture water when it’s abundant, and culture beneficial biology back into your soil. Dave can guide you through the hardships of beginning a garden, keeping you from being discouraged and learning the latest in Organic Gardening.