Organic Gardener in Montecito, CA

Dave’s Organic Gardening is happy to help you grown your own organic veggies at home. We’re ready to help your property thrive without the use of chemical fertilizers that end up in the ocean. Dave is certified in Water Wise Gardening, using many water saving gardening techniques, along with water catchment and rain garden designs for when it does rain. Call Dave today for a smaller water bill and a greener view.  


Dave's Organic Gardening is Permaculture Design Course Certified by Santa Barbara City College.

Santa Barbara City College's Green Gardener Program Certified.

Watershed Wise Landscaping Certified for gardening in Santa Barbara, CA.

Better Business Bureau accredited Dave's Organic Gardening in Santa Barbara, CA.


Water Saving Gardener Service in Montecito


Water conservation takes two different viewpoints, preserving what water you do have, and capturing as much water when it’s abundant. Dave’s Organic Gardening is certified in Water Wise Garden Design, as well as Green Gardening. We use succulents, drought tolerant plant varieties, along with water conserving garden bed design. By thinking ahead we can carve out water catchment areas, giving you a beautiful rain garden that might feature a small pond that slowly soaks an abundant water supply back into the ground, not down to the ocean. We’re concerned about runoff, and you can be proud your not polluting with your gardening service.


Set an example and go green today with Dave’s Organic Gardening!

Montecito Organic Oranges grown with Dave's Organic Gardening Service.

Permaculture Landscaping in Montecito, by Dave's Organic Gardening.

Permaculture Gardens in Montecito

With climate change, the drought and water restrictions, it’s time to rethink your traditional yard and garden. Dave’s ready to help you redesign your property for water conservation. But this doesn’t just mean succulents, by using heavy mulching techniques we can save water, grow edible plants, fruit trees and plan to capture as much water runoff as we can. When it rains, don’t like to waste a drop, and when it blooms, make sure it’s edible!