Goleta Organic Gardener

Our Service to Goleta is centered around our passion to clean up our watershed. We know how many chemicals gardeners are told to use, hell we’ve all used them in the past, but Dave’s ready to help you along the right path. By using organic gardening methods, sourcing plants from quality local nurseries, and providing love to your soil, we can help your landscape thrive without excessive water use. Rethink your water wasting garden and have Dave save your water bill while impressing your neighbors with your green Goleta landscape.  


Dave's Organic Gardening is Permaculture Design Course Certified by Santa Barbara City College.

Santa Barbara City College's Green Gardener Program Certified.

Watershed Wise Landscaping Certified for gardening in Santa Barbara, CA.

Better Business Bureau accredited Dave's Organic Gardening in Santa Barbara, CA.


Organic Goleta Gardening Service


Carcinogens have no place on your property or in your food. Make the healthy decision when maintaining your landscape. Dave’s ready to help you grow your own organic veggies while making sure you don’t make the hard mistakes a we’ve made in the past. With two green thumbs, Dave is able to coach you through your organic gardening adventure, teaching you success and veggie abundance.


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Compost Pile reducing green waste in permaculture garden in Goleta, CA

Goleta Permaculture Gardens Reduce Green Waste

Get ahead of the curve and save more water. Our Permaculture gardens help close the waste loop by sequestering carbon into the soil with heavy mulching. This helps to create nutrient rich plants and healthy soil that soaks up water like a sponge. Biological life in the soil actually holds onto water during the drought, and beneficial bacteria in our compost tea can even reduce stress from lack of water. Mother Nature has designed a system that cures itself, and we’re ready to help you relearn that system through your garden.

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